Finnbrit kirjoituskilpailu

FINNBRIT-kirjoituskilpailun voitto TAAS Jyväskylän norssille!

Jo toisena vuonna peräkkäin Jyväskylän normaalikoulun oppilaat veivät palkintosijat lukion 1. vuosikurssin opiskelijoille järjestetyssä kansallisessa englannin kielen kirjoituskilpailussa. Tämän vuoden voittajaksi valittiin Jimi Mahonen. Siiri Kannela puolestaan sai kunniamaininnan.

Finnish-British Society on järjestänyt kilpailun jo 37 kertaa. Tänä vuonna loppukilpailuun päätyi 55 kirjoitelmaa yhteensä 14 lukiosta. Kilpailun tuomaristoon kuuluu viisi jäsentä opetushallituksesta, Helsingin yliopiston kielten laitokselta (englanti) ja Suomen englanninopettajien yhdistyksestä. Tuomariston puheenjohtaja Mark Shackleton kuvasi kilpailun tasoa jälleen erittäin korkeaksi.

Jimi Mahonen kuvaili kirjoitelmassaan moitteettomin sanakääntein hyvinkin kiistanalaista jalkapalloilija Diego Maradonaa henkilönä, jota itse ihailee – vikoineen kaikkineen. Tästä kirjoitelmasta Jimi saa 500 euron arvoisen matkalahjakortin Isoon-Britanniaan.

Kunniamaininnan fantasia-kirjoitelmastaan “The king of dragons” saanut Siiri Kannela puolestaan sai kirjapalkinnon tekstillään, jota tuomaristo kuvaili eloisaksi ja yhtenäiseksi.

Kirjoittajien luvalla julkaisemme tässä heidän tekstinsä. Onnea ja iloa!





Jimi Mahonen, 19B

1. Someone I admire
My hero, Diego Maradona is a retired Argentine footballer. Renowned for his sublime control of the ball and the ability to glide past his opponents, he is widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers to ever grace the sport. Having grown up amidst extreme poverty, his supreme skill and stellar performances earned him a ticket all the way to the top of “The beautiful game”. Diego played a pivotal role in the 1986 World Cup, in which he captained his country to international glory – a show of true leadership. He is now hailed a national hero among the Argentine population.
Having a fiery nature and a flamboyant approach to life, he failed to avoid controversy and was involved in several scandals throughout his career. In the 1986 World Cup Semi-finals, he scored a goal using his hand, thus breaking the rules of the game. However the referee was unaware of this and the decisive goal stood. Just seconds later the controversial goal that was named “The hand of god”, he scored arguably the greatest goal in history: he recovered the ball in the center of the pitch and dribbled past five English players before nonchalantly slotting the ball into the back of the net. During his stint in Naples, he was claimed to be affiliated with the Mafia. During his career, Diego was also known to have a problem with abuse of illegal substances, most notably cocaine.
One might ponder “How is Maradona setting an example to anyone?”. To me, he is the perfect example of the cliché phrase “Nobody’s perfect”. A man who went through it all, had his ups and downs. Above all a fighter spirit. My hero.


Siiri Kannela, 19A

5. Kings of the past
No, it couldn’t be. As the ground rumbled, the voices in my mind were screaming to me: “No, this couldn’t be happening, you didn’t find what you were looking for, flee while you still can”, but here I stood, rooted to place. I had devoted my whole life to searching for this creature, and I had finally succeeded in my mission. The earth shook as the goliath rose from the ground. The iridescent scales of its skin shimmered in the faint moonlight, shining through the thick foliage above. The large figure stretched its body to its full length. I found no right words to describe what I saw: a giant obsidian-hued serpent with large, veiny wings. Antlers of pure, shining gold crowned the beast’s narrow head. The gaze of the pit black eyes of its struck fear to my spirit. The beast raised its scaly head, regal and noble, to look me in the eyes. My heart pounded inside my chest as if trying to break itself free, and cold sweat streamed along the curve of my back as I stumbled back in terror.
Then the beast parted its lips, revealing its dagger-like teeth, to speak to me in a voice so majestic, yet so unnerving:
“My name is Colossus. I am the guardian of this realm: the winds whisper, the boulders break, the brooks flow and the flames consume to my command.”
My lifelong search was complete. I had found the king of dragons.